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I am back home now after recently completing my capstone project for my Master of Arts degree and traveling on Amtrak across the United States.


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The genesis of Savannah was of a utopian idea. James Oglethorpe, a British statesman, was appalled at the conditions of debtors’ prisons in 18th century England. His concern was compounded by the fact that once defaulters were released they often had no means of... read more

“Mayberry meets Detroit.”

“Seeing the very flat land, without a single mountain…and full of beautiful trees and woods along the seashore, I leave it to you to imagine the happiness we felt,” was the description the French wrote back as they established Fort Caroline upon their 1564 arrival in... read more

Is This The America Trump Is Talking About?

After spending the night on an Airbnb couch with a Rhaegar the Cocker Spaniel, it was time to head to the town of Palatka, Florida. My Airbnb Couch — $31 For The Night “All we have is a model First Lady who only knows how to ask ‘What do I do now?’ while... read more

Nonconformity Is Not Tolerated

There was a time where I would have skipped a museum dedicated to an artist like Salvador Dalí. Part Of The Exterior Of The Dalí Museum Elementary school tends to instill structure and organization; a young student is continually shaped into adopting those values.... read more

“No Car, No Room.”

I expected my visit to Sebring to be a challenge, just not the one it became. Writing about a prominent place like Miami Beach is not as demanding as writing about a small city like Sebring. A Google search for “Miami Beach, Florida” yields about 36 million hits,... read more

I am currently back in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

East Stroudsburg